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Our team currently consists of around 40 employees at several locations in Germany. In our nationwide growth course, we rely on competent specialist staff, but above all we rely on committed and motivated people. Personal feedback today from Anja. She has been with us as an office assistant in the MWW team since May 2021. After a long search for the right job, she now feels she has arrived...

I have found my way


As a trained clerk for office communications, I have fought my way through life since my training in this profession. I always had this inexplicable feeling of dissatisfaction within me and every day I asked myself the question, should this be the fulfilled job for me until I retire? With every daily alarm clock ringing, I became more unmotivated and unhappy. It didn't help, because without a job, no income...

I've been looking for a solution, even very intensely. I wanted to find out what job would suit me and I did. I've tried my hand at several companies - including as a "picker" at Amazon in the warehouse, as a saleswoman in the grocery store, as an insurance clerk, then as a technical assistant to construction management, and then as a prefabricated house saleswoman.

I have gained my experience. There were many. The most important thing: I found out what I want and what I don't want - and also: my goal in five years.

My plan is in place. I know my goal and now I want to hit the ground running and become a qualified real estate agent. I have finally found the perfect support to achieve my goals. For the first time I feel like I'm in the right place at the right time and made the right decision.

For me personally, the MWW Group is my anchor and my future. Nobody is left here alone. There is always a helping hand, whether you accept it is your decision. The "doors are open". In the last two months in this wonderful company I have received more support and positive feedback than ever before in my life. It encourages me every day anew to finally be right here.

My personal and professional new beginning


I can recommend anyone who is dissatisfied with their job, wants to reorient themselves, is looking for new challenges and a strong, employee-friendly employer to visit the MWW Group! Here, people with their values, ideas and skills are still valued and welcomed with full support. It's not just in the job posting because it should be right there - it really is! And that is no longer a matter of course today.

For me, the MWW Group is my personal new beginning. Maybe it's yours too?

If I've piqued your curiosity and you're interested in starting a new career in the real estate industry, drop by or apply! I have not regretted my decision at all.

Bye for now. Anya


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02 / June / 2021
MWW team

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