Back Bundestag has decided heating cost subsidy

In view of the sharp rise in energy prices, the Bundestag decided on March 17.3.2022, XNUMX to double the heating cost subsidy.
For the recipients of housing allowances, according to the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) and the Upgrading Training Promotion Act, as well as recipients of vocational training grants and training allowances, are to receive a one-time grant this year.

For those entitled to housing benefit, the subsidy should be €270 for one household member or €350 for two household members who are taken into account, and an additional €70 for each additional household member who is taken into account. Students and trainees who receive state aid should receive a one-off payment of €230.

According to the draft, around 710.000 households receiving housing benefit, 370.000 BAföG recipients, 75.000 people receiving maintenance payments under the Upgrading Training Promotion Act, and around 65.000 people who receive vocational training grants or training money will benefit from the subsidy. As a result, the federal government will have to spend around 380 million euros more this year.

More information about the decision is available here:


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MWW heating allowance
by Dagmar Klemig
22 / March / 2022
Energy, Energy costs, heating costs

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