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Electricity and gas prices on the wholesale markets have fluctuated sharply, particularly since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. And almost every day we read in the media about rising energy costs, dwindling resources, planned energy saving programs and relief packages from the federal government. But also from appeals to citizens to save energy. None of our areas of life would be imaginable without energy.

What can each individual actually do? What options are there in your own household and in your everyday life to conserve resources?

The North Rhine-Westphalia consumer advice center has summarized simple energy-saving tips on how everyone can use energy responsibly. With just a few simple steps and small changes, you can reduce your energy consumption. That doesn't mean that you have to do without living comfort.

Not only do you save costs and protect your wallet, you also conserve natural resources and thus reduce the burden on the climate and the environment.

To the energy-saving tips:

The consumer advice center in Saxony has also bundled further information:



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MWW energy saving tips
by Dagmar Klemig
04 / April / 2022
Energy, Energy costs, Budget, Rent

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