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The new property tax

The new property tax

Revaluation of all land and real estate Triggered by a judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court of April 10, 2018 (Az.: BvL 11/14, 1 BvR...

Certified property manager

MWW Certified Administrator

From December 01.12.2022st, 19, in accordance with Section 2 (6) No. XNUMX of the Housing Ownership Modernization Act (WEMoG), every owner can appoint a certified residential real estate manager…

Jurisprudence on remedying defects, Airbnb and calculation of living space

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Judgments are made by courts almost every day, including in the real estate sector. Today we summarize at this point three verdicts for…

New heating cost regulation

Heating costsVshutterstock 1847718076

At the federal level, a new heating cost regulation was passed in 2021. An amendment has been in force since December 01.12.2021st, XNUMX, which applies to billing services and…

Can the landlord forbid keeping pets?

Pets in the rental unsplash

Pets in the rented apartment: Can the landlord forbid keeping pets? This depends on the size and type of…

Jurisprudence on commercial rent - new decision of January 12, 2022

Commercial rent jurisprudence

Commercial rent during the corona pandemic Businesses are generally entitled to a rent reduction if their business premises are closed due to the pandemic. The Federal Court of Justice has...

Census: 2022 census

Census 2022 - nationwide data collection

Census 2022: nationwide collection of new data The census serves as an important planning and decision-making basis for politics, administration and business. Basis…

Legislation for tenants and property owners: Preview 2022

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What innovations will there be for tenants and property owners in 2022?

What will be new for tenants and property owners in 2022? The new year will bring numerous changes in the law...

Housing allowance or operating costs?

The difference between house money and running costs

Housing allowance and operating costs: the terms are often confused. We bring in some clarity. Good to know for renters, owners or…