1. Why should I join the MWW AG team?

MWW AG is a division of the MWW Group. It found its origins more than 20 years ago in MWW Immobilien GmbH. Our business model, which has been tried and tested since then, with its constantly optimized processes, today guarantees an optimal management system for real estate portfolios.

With our head office in Leipzig, we make our expertise in the various specialist departments available to you. You can therefore concentrate on the "essentials", your core competence! Benefit from our uniform marketing and the MWW brand, the in-house IT department, our accounting and billing departments or our lawyers. We will be happy to take care of all areas that you cannot currently cover in full! The bundling of all competencies, regular training and trusting cooperation ensure high-quality administration. This is what MWW AG stands for.

"Innovation and zeitgeist for satisfied customers, partners and employees."
(quote from MWW AG)

If you would like to be part of our success story, contact us now!

You want to know more? No problem! In our franchise brochure get more information.

MWW AG franchise structure 1

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2. What are the biggest advantages of franchising?

  • Proven processes/business models and supporting IT systems
  • Know-how transfer and mutual support across locations
  • Benefit from the brand & awareness of MWW (e.g. when acquiring properties or personnel)
  • Central marketing of the MWW brand from which all locations benefit
  • Constantly up-to-date knowledge through regular in-house and web-based training courses
  • Image of a large company, a protected name, joint advertising, purchasing and cost advantages
  • Centralized specialist departments in the Leipzig head office

If you want to make use of the accounting, billing or legal department, you can buy them per unit. Thus, a complete concentration on the administration and the acquisition of objects is possible.

  • Competencies can be assessed and selected by yourself. Everything that you cannot do yourself will be taken care of by the specialists at MWW.



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3. What requirements does a franchisee have to meet?

  • Completed vocational training (real estate clerk) or a degree in the real estate sector.
  • Professional experience of at least 4 years.
  • Existing property management with at least 300 units.
  • Purposefulness, accuracy & zeitgeist. Use technical progress and live corporate culture.

4. What are the costs for franchise partners?

(Entry fee, investment costs, running costs)

1. Entry fee: €24.900 plus statutory VAT

For this you get:

  • An initial set including workplace, software, marketing material
  • In-house and web-based training (introductory week)
  •  existing corporate design
  •  Process and form templates
  •  Purchasing advantages with insurance companies etc.
  •  Discounted memberships in associations

2. Variable investment costs

The investment costs vary depending on how well the technical requirements are already met, how many workstations are still required, whether the current office complies with the regulations of the MWW franchise agreement and which changes have to be made in terms of the corporate design. The basic requirements of MWW are an office & cars in the corporate design of MWW AG. Another investment factor is IT costs. These are also variable and dependent on the existing administrative inventory, as these include, for example, license fees from IT systems.

3. Ongoing Charges

  • Franchise fee of 5% of sales (at least 400 euros per month)

There are also regular maintenance costs, which usually consist of:

  •  office rent
  •  IT costs
  •  Personnel costs
  •  vehicle expenses
  •  When used: legal advice flat rate, billing and/or accounting flat rate via MWW per WE
  •  Traveling expenses







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5. How much control and how much freedom do I have as a franchisee?

As a franchisor, MWW AG offers you a framework to avoid mistakes and to benefit from tried-and-tested processes. These must be properly observed and followed. Nevertheless, every franchisee is an independent entrepreneur. He is responsible for his own profitability. Within this framework, he can make free decisions, e.g. in the choice of employees or property acquisition.

Limitations exist in compliance with the specified processes (and thus in the use of the given IT and controlling systems) as well as in compliance with the corporate design and corporate identity (code of conduct and quality). This is the only way to ensure the uniform appearance of all locations.

6. Under what name does my property manager act in a franchise cooperation?

In the case of a franchise cooperation, the franchise partner adopts the name of the respective location. At the Stuttgart location, for example, this would be MWW Stuttgart GmbH/UG/AG.

In this case, you would rename your existing company/property management and no longer appear under the previous name XY Hausverwaltung, but without exception as "MWW location GmbH/UG/AG".

7. How does the location allocation of franchise partners work and which locations are still available?

Each location is assigned exclusively to just one franchise partner. For example, there is only one "MWW Frankfurt" location in Frankfurt. Proper management is possible within a radius of about 100 km according to the franchise agreement. Further distances must be considered individually.

8. How long does a franchise partnership exist?

Since MWW AG is interested in a long-term and successful cooperation, the franchise agreement is usually concluded for a period of five years.

9. What legal form must my property management adopt?

Any corporation (UG, GmbH, AG) is possible.

However, we recommend a GmbH.

10. How can I become a franchisee?

Fill out our contact form. Please send us a link to your property manager's website and/or an up-to-date CV. You will then automatically receive an email with our franchisee brochure.

After reviewing your documents, we will contact you immediately and arrange a first non-binding telephone conversation.

If this goes well for all parties, this will be followed by a personal meeting at our main office in Leipzig or (due to the pandemic), if you wish, an online meeting to get to know each other personally.

If all parties agree on a franchise cooperation, the final contract negotiations will follow.



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