Back MWW donates IT technology to Hardware for Future

PC, notebook or tablet - it is hard to imagine not having such a device today or not being able to use it. We use them at work and in our free time, for communication, information and entertainment. They simplify a lot of things for us in many ways. For most of us, interaction is everyday life. IT technology is a matter of course and (almost) ubiquitous. But there are many people who cannot afford this technology. These people are thus denied access to education and information, and they are also denied the opportunities of the digital world.

Hardware for Future is a project of the association Dezentrale eV in Leipzig-Lindenau. The association takes care of the collection, storage, processing and distribution of various computer technology to people from low-income families. The members of the association work on a voluntary basis and prepare donated IT devices, repair them and give them to people in need or to charitable projects.

We at MWW also have to constantly renew or replace our IT hardware due to age and new technical requirements. We have decided not to dispose of the sorted out and still functional IT technology. Instead, we help others with the available and still usable resources. We recently donated 14 PCs to the Hardware for Future project. The good thing about it is that the processing and reuse of the discarded technology protects resources and the environment!

Support the project and help to help:

MWW IT donation 1

Johannes, our IT working student, brings the hardware donation to Hardware for Future.




MWW IT donation
25 / January / 2023
General, Engagement

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