Back New to the team: the two trainees Sarah and Josephine

The new training year has started and we have again received young reinforcements in our main branch in Leipzig. Sarah has been an apprentice real estate agent since August 01st - her dream: to be a successful real estate agent one day. Instead, she gave up her studies and took advantage of the MWW training opportunity. To date, she has been involved in practice with us and is familiarizing herself with the subject of rental and sales. But she is also looking forward to the administration area, thanks to the great team.

Josephine has been with us since May. She originally started her training as an office management clerk in another company. Now she is happy, feels comfortable in the MWW team and can start her third year of training in September in a relaxed manner. Her secret focus is Human Resources. Whether and what it will ultimately be in the “real” professional life – she herself is curious.

At this point once again a warm welcome, have a nice time in the MWW team and maximum success!

MWW Sarah and Josephine
16 / August / 2023
MWW team

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