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Our branch hall


We have always had close ties with Halle. That is why we are all the more pleased to have a branch in Saalestadt from December 2021 and to be there personally. We have been looking after several properties in Halle for a long time. So all signs point to continued growth!
Our office is located at Reilstraße 40 in the Giebichenstein district. Our colleague Felix Fach is the contact person for our owners and tenants. The colleagues in the specialist departments support the Leipzig location in day-to-day business.


HAL Michael Doelz
Technical Management

MWW app

The MWW app offers tenants an effective solution for finding out questions, damage reports or information at any time

The management of your real estate deserves a 24-hour all-round service. Since autumn 2020 we have been supplementing our service package with the MWW app through the digital possibilities of today. Use the transparent app solution for questions, damage reports or information to read up on.

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