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The Society for Real Estate Research defines the tasks of real estate management as follows:
“Property management is the performance-oriented management of a property according to economic principles”, namely “in trust for the owner”.

Being a property manager is a varied job. The technical administrator in particular is by no means a “desk stool”. This task means getting out to the base, getting out to the property.

Regular property inspections

The technical management of the buildings is an important part of property management. It should be noted that each property has its own peculiarities in terms of procurement and equipment. Technical administration includes, for example, ensuring maintenance as well as the organization and management of repair and modernization measures. In order to be able to plan this carefully, continuous monitoring of the condition of the objects through regular inspections is necessary. The facade, roof, inner courtyard, if applicable, as well as the stairwell and basement are checked primarily. A property inspection log is a reminder not to forget anything and to log everything. An on-site inspection includes, among other things, an assessment of the facade and the stairwell, checking the lighting and the green areas as well as the basement area. The executor carefully logs everything and puts the date and signature under it. With such logs, he also protects himself against the community of owners or the homeowner.

The regular inspection of the objects is not only carried out visually. Particular attention should also be paid to the security of the building. Apparently banal things such as handrails or lighting, but also compliance with test data of the smoke alarm system are part of this. These are checked at regular intervals: twice a year is appropriate. Photographic documentation, which may be important for craftsmen and at the same time saves time with regard to a possible offer, is advantageous. The owners also get a precise overview of the condition of their property and feel well looked after by the management. If desired or necessary, a craftsman can be consulted for further information. Logs of past property inspections are also helpful for directly checking commissioned corrections of defects.

The job profile of a technical administrator

It is the task of the WEG manager to initiate all measures for the proper maintenance and repair of the common property. The technical property manager is the on-site employee. Above all, he has technical know-how and does not necessarily have to be trained as a real estate manager. Well suited for this position are employees with a technical background, eg technicians, engineers or people with master craftsman training. He looks after the technical systems, controls the associated communication, coordinates repair and maintenance measures and designs and implements further management measures. In this way, he ensures that the existing properties are maintained economically and in the long term. He is therefore the central contact person for all technical questions as well as for ongoing renovations, maintenance and repair work on the objects. He takes care of defect management in accordance with the rental agreement, obtains offers, places orders, maintains and expands his network of service providers, monitors, accepts technical services and follows up on warranties.

Importance of technical administrator

Technical property management takes over the technical and infrastructural control of the properties, always with the aim of smooth building operation that is cost-optimized, sustainable and safe. To do this, we familiarize ourselves in advance with the special features of your property and its technical systems. With consistent management of maintenance/inspection obligations, elimination of defects and repairs, the technical manager ensures the long-term preservation of the value of your properties.


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MWW Blog Job Description Technical Administrator
by Dagmar Klemig
28 / August / 2023

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